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what equipment do you need to take up golf

What equipment do you need to take up golf

So you want to start playing our favourite past time and you keep asking what equipment do you need to take up golf? First of all welcome to the most exciting, annoying, thrilling, irritating but enjoyable sport. Golf is a fabulous game and we congratulate you for taking up the game we love. Golf can…
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which golf tees should i use

Which golf tees should I use

A common question were often asked by novice and new players is which golf tees should I use? Before answering that it makes sense to understand the laws of golf to determine what is allowed in terms of setting the ball. A golf tee must: • Not be any longer than 4 inches (10.16cm). •…
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Best electric golf carts – Reach the Green reviews

Hey guys! Electric golf carts are becoming increasingly popular amongst amateur players. Gone are the days of big, chunky and cumbersome systems and along have come some very stylish and fully tech loaded carts that fold away into nice compact units. The best electric golf carts to buy provide players with the comfort of not…
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Select the best wedge for your game

Best mens golf wedges

A decent wedge is a very important club in the bag. Get the right club to suit your style and you’ll be on your way to making better recoveries from the bunker and improving your short game. Don’t just accept the one that came with your set of irons, for us this is a specialist…
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best value golf balls

Best Cheap Golf Balls

You may not realise this but there are many variations of golf balls. Depending on what golf you’re playing then choosing the right golf ball is important. If your playing competitively then your choice of ball will differ from when practicing. Here at Reach the Green we’ve explained the differences between some of the balls…
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Black mens waterproof golf shoes

Best Waterproof golf shoes

Want to see our recommended waterproof shoes? Read on to find our independent reviews of the top shoes from Adidas, Footjoy and more. Personally I’m not what you’d call a fair weather golfer and I don’t think that anyone needs to be with the amount of water proof equipment available.  Get the right clothing and…
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Light weight urban camo golf bag by srixon

Lightweight golf bags

Lots of company’s have their own light golf bags with fancy names such as “Hyper Lite” to encourage you to think it’s the lightest bag – But who’s really is? We’ve gone through Amazons best sellers and the manufactures bags for 2018 to bring you the most comprehensive guide to golf carry bags. What is…
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best golf stand bags

Best Golf Stand Bags

When it comes to carrying your golf clubs around the course there are many solutions. There are of course many factors when choosing a golf club bag, which we’ll explain later. If you’ve been lucky enough to pay out on some expensive irons then budget might be a consideration or it could simply come down…
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best golf gps watch

Best Golf GPS watch

How serious do you take your game? For those of us that strive for perfection with every shot, knowing how far we are from the hole, where the tricky bunkers are or how close the rough and trees are away is essential to keep our score down and our competition high. Unfortunately were not all…
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What balls to professional Golfers hit?

What balls do professional golfers use?

Ever wondered what the pros are hitting on the tour every week? Well wonder no more as we’ve hunted down most of the worlds top 20 golfers to find out what golf ball is in their bags. (top 20 based in Feb 2018 – will be updated as they change) Mens top 20 golfers –…
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