Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Review

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Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Review

Callaway hyper lite golf bag in orange and titanium

The Callaway hyper lite as an excellent bag in terms of looks, design, and lightweight feel.

For our review, we are looking at the 5.0 model and the 2018 edition. This version weighs in at just over 5 pounds – a really lightweight bag.

To match your style there are 5 color options and I’m personally keen on the white- titanium – orange combo that looks pretty slick! (see pic below) In simple terms, this is a super lightweight golf bag with plenty of room for all your clubs and come with the stand built it. It’s so good that we’ve rated it as our best stand bag for 2018!

Callaway hyper lite golf bag in orange and titanium

Key features of the Callaway Hyper Lite bag

  1. Perfect club positioning – Designed to slide the clubs in nice and easily when in the stand position, no more squeezing clubs past each other with this bag!
  2. Dedicated cell phone pocket – Not a huge thing but very handy to keep your phone safe and waterproof while you play.
  3. Self-balancing strap – Helps to evenly distribute the weight across both straps increasing how light the bag feels. This means if you’re carrying a lot of balls or drinks in the bottom of the bag it will still balance perfectly on your shoulders – a wonderful feature.
  4. Umbrella bungee – Make it really simple to fit in an umbrella of any size.
  5. 10 pockets – Each designed with the golfer in mind, including the cell phone pocket mentioned above and a magnetic close pocket for valuables.
  6. None slip feet – This may not be something you’ve considered when buying a new golf bag but the none slip feet of this stand helps to keep it in position end when left on a slope.
  7. Matching rain cover – A rain cover to match each different design of the bag, smart and stylish.

Whats new for 2018?

So the 5.0 had a couple of upgrades for the 2018 version v the 2017 version. Here’s what you’re getting with this bag

  1. New color printing gives a lot more fashion appeal to the bag and a wider variety of looks.
  2. 7 way top – Whilst some manufacturers have a 14 way top we think that’s a little overkill. The 7 way top gives enough organization without being too much. This is set to face outwards allowing you to have your woods at one end and your irons at the other. This means you can always see all your clubs from the site angle rather than having to fumble around under the club covers to find your vokey wedge or other clubs. This is an upgrade on the 2017 hyper lite which only had 5 holes and we think it’s an upgrade worth having.
  3. Wider strap – To add to the comfort factor the strap is wider than the 2017 model and the foam is a little deeper to really cushion the straps. This added to the x strap system makes it one of the easiest bags to carry from the major providers.

Hyper-lite 5 has a 7 way top


If this bag is within your budget then we’d say it’s worth getting. You cannot help to be impressed with the design and quality of this bag – it’s a real stunner. Whilst you can now pick up the 2017 version a bit cheaper the 2018┬áversion has enough extra features to make it a worthwhile purchase.


If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative here are some bags to consider

Hyper Lite 2017 – Check prices here. The predecessor to this bag is missing some of the smart new designs and the features but it is still a super light golf bag.

Titleist Ultra Light – Check prices here – At 5.5 pounds the Titleist is only slightly heavier than the Callaway Hyper Lite so is comparable that way. It only has 3 pockets so is slightly less organized but it comes in at a cheaper cost.
Titleist super light a good alternative to the hyper lite

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