• Select the best wedge for your game

    Best mens golf wedges

    A decent wedge is a very important club in the bag. Get the right club to suit your style and you’ll be on your way to making better recoveries from the bunker and improving your short game. Don’t just accept the one that came with your set of irons, for us this is a specialist club for a specialist shot and selecting the right wedge is essential for improving your game. Best golf wedges guide Our guide covers all the best wedges for every level of golfer and all types of wedges – Sand, loft and pitching wedges. Use the menu above to find your level or club that you…

  • AeroBurner Driver

    TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

    The Aero burner from Taylor made is a super smart looking club with some serious technology behind it. If you are looking for a good value driver, with a range of angles to suit, then this could be the club for you. There’s a choice of a regular shaft or a stiff shaft and the degrees vary from quite a flat face with a 10.5 degree loft up to a 14 degree which is more a 2/3 wood angle. We really like these options as it’s nice to have an identical 3 wood to the driver – it gives a more comfortable confident shot when the 3 wood is needed.…

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    Best Junior Golf Clubs

    Starting out as a junior golfer can be tough, with the cost of clubs paired with the fact they’ll probably grow out of them. This means its very important to get the right set of clubs – balancing the cost but at the same time giving them a decent level of club to play with. It won’t help develop their game or provide any enjoyment if they’re struggling with rubbish clubs. We’ve check over a number in the range of junior golf sets to bring you our guide to our top 3 sets. We’ve also graded them by age to help guide you to the right product for the right…