• best value golf balls

    Best Cheap Golf Balls

    You may not realise this but there are many variations of golf balls. Depending on what golf you’re playing then choosing the right golf ball is important. If your playing competitively then your choice of ball will differ from when practicing. Here at Reach the Green we’ve explained the differences between some of the balls you’ll find to buy and which ones we recommend for whatever type of golf your using them for. We believe you absolutely don’t have to break the bank when choosing and buying. We therefore present to you the best cheap golf balls. Our No.1 recommended best value golf balls; Srixon AD333 The Srixon AD333 golf balls…

  • Light weight urban camo golf bag by srixon
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    Lightweight golf bags

    Lots of company’s have their own light golf bags with fancy names such as “Hyper Lite” to encourage you to think it’s the lightest bag – But who’s really is? We’ve gone through Amazons best sellers and the manufactures bags for 2018 to bring you the most comprehensive guide to golf carry bags. What is the lightest golf bag? These are ordered by weight and include specs for each bag to help you buy the right bag for you! All of these bags are available on Amazon, so theres no hunting around store trying to find the exact one. We’ve done a top 2 of the lightest as well as…

  • best golf stand bags
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    Best Golf Stand Bags

    When it comes to carrying your golf clubs around the course there are many solutions. There are of course many factors when choosing a golf club bag, which we’ll explain later. If you’ve been lucky enough to pay out on some expensive irons then budget might be a consideration or it could simply come down to comfort and style. If you’re a golfing beginner or someone looking for a cost effective solution we may have the answer for you with our best stand golf bags review. Gone are the days of hauling a golf bag over your shoulder and laying it down on the tee or by the side of…

  • best golf gps watch

    Best Golf GPS watch

    How serious do you take your game? For those of us that strive for perfection with every shot, knowing how far we are from the hole, where the tricky bunkers are or how close the rough and trees are away is essential to keep our score down and our competition high. Unfortunately were not all privileged to secure the services of a caddie, we can only dream of such luxury. So what can we do? Well we can take a course guide round with us for some guesstimation work about our next shots. We can study the course and play it regular enough to get an idea. Or we can…

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    Vokey wedge review

    In February 2018 the SM7 wedge was launched by Titleist around the world and it is a significant upgrade on the previous version – which was already an excellent wedge. We’ve reviewing the club to bring you the definitive guide. We’ve also put together a handy buyers guide to walk you through the many different options for when yo want to buy one – there’s so many variations on offer its hard to know which one to select for your bag. It’s described by Titleist as the “highest level of wedge performance”. If you are looking for a new wedge or just a different loft to improve your game then…

  • Callaway hyper lite golf bag in orange and titanium

    Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Review

    The Callaway hyper lite as an excellent bag in terms of looks, design and light weight feel. For our review we are looking at the 5.0 model and the 2018 edition. This version weights in at just over 5 pounds – a really light weight bag. To match your style there’s 5 colour options and I’m personally keen on the white- titanium – orange combo that looks pretty slick! (see pic bellow) In simple terms this is a super light weight golf bad with plenty of room for all your clubs and come with the stand built it. It’s so good that we’ve rated it as our best stand bag…

  • how to play out of a bunker

    How to play out of a bunker

    What ever you know them as, bunkers or sand traps, playing out of these hazards takes a certain little know how and of course practice. Most, if not all golf courses have hazards. There to make the player think and add a little interest to the round. Bunkers are common place and are often found around the green, as well as the fairway. To not get so intimidated by bunkers, here at Reach the Green we think that you should practice, practice and then practice some more. Bunker shots are very different to a regular iron from the fairway and with a little know how you can really keep your…

  • Generating back spin on wedge and iron shots

    How to get backspin on a golf ball

    Backspin is one of the tricker skills to master in golf, but take the time to learn it and you’ll see how much it improves your game. For me personally I’d say learning how to get spin on the ball really helped me to drive my game to the next level and took roughly 6 shots off my handicap. It did take me a while to really get to grips with it but if you asked me what was the one thing most amateur golfers could do to improve their game then learning how to get backspin on the golf ball would be the answer. So many players concentrate on…

  • Best tool for repairing divots on the golf course

    Best Divot Repair tool

    To play our best golf we all need to be responsible for keeping the course at its best. One of the things that frustrates me most is un repaired divots (and un repaired pitch marks too). Grabbing a decent divot repairer can make all the difference. In today’s golf it’s simply unacceptable to just use a pencil – as I saw someone do on the course recently. So I grabbed a few and on a quiet round fixed a few pitch marks with them to see which I though was the best. (Scroll down for my guide on how to repair them properly). This guide covers divot repair as well…

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    Best Junior Golf Clubs

    Starting out as a junior golfer can be tough, with the cost of clubs paired with the fact they’ll probably grow out of them. This means its very important to get the right set of clubs – balancing the cost but at the same time giving them a decent level of club to play with. It won’t help develop their game or provide any enjoyment if they’re struggling with rubbish clubs. We’ve check over a number in the range of junior golf sets to bring you our guide to our top 3 sets. We’ve also graded them by age to help guide you to the right product for the right…