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Reach The Green was setup by myself, Simon, and my good buddy Matt. We’re always out on the course when ever we get chance. Our reviews are done from our own personal opinions on the products and we hope they’ll help you select the right product for your game.

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Simon the GolferSimon – Handicap 18 – Steady on the fairway occasionally a little wild (“fore right”!!!!!), excellent short game. Mainly writes the post about playing in and around the greenĀ  – Favourite club – Vokey wedge. He says “My current golfing aim is to get my handicap down to single figures, with some work on the tee and hopefully some help from Matt I could get there. My golfing bucket list includes playing the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland and the Belfry”.

Matt the GolferMatt – Handicap 11 – Long and straight off the tee regardless of the club, dodgy on long putts. Mainly writes reviews on drivers, obsessed with golf balls. Check out the golf ball reviews and you’ll see why, commonly heard saying “You need the right ball to suit your game”.

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