• how to properly grip a golf club

    How to Properly grip a golf club

    Ah the age old question of how to properly grip a golf club. A players grip is as important as anything else in the game. For a consistent round time after time, making sure you have and use the correct hold of the club is essential. An improper grip of the golf club will see your ball fly here there and everywhere, hooks, balloon shots and slices are all a sign of a poor grip and with a little practice to see what works best, you can really see your game improve. How to Properly grip a golf club – Step by step guide Firstly its good to know that…

  • Generating back spin on wedge and iron shots

    How to get backspin on a golf ball

    Backspin is one of the tricker skills to master in golf, but take the time to learn it and you’ll see how much it improves your game. For me personally I’d say learning how to get spin on the ball really helped me to drive my game to the next level and took roughly 6 shots off my handicap. It did take me a while to really get to grips with it but if you asked me what was the one thing most amateur golfers could do to improve their game then learning how to get backspin on the golf ball would be the answer. So many players concentrate on…

  • Best tool for repairing divots on the golf course

    Best Divot Repair tool

    To play our best golf we all need to be responsible for keeping the course at its best. One of the things that frustrates me most is un repaired divots (and un repaired pitch marks too). Grabbing a decent divot repairer can make all the difference. In today’s golf it’s simply unacceptable to just use a pencil – as I saw someone do on the course recently. So I grabbed a few and on a quiet round fixed a few pitch marks with them to see which I though was the best. (Scroll down for my guide on how to repair them properly). This guide covers divot repair as well…

  • Teeing off in golf

    How to tee off

    Every golf round starts with teeing off and the first tee can be a daunting prospect on some courses. Often the club house will over look the tee so you’ll usually have people watching you start and there’s nothing worse then topping it in that situation. Whether you are a beginner or you’re looking for some more advance tips then read on four my masterclass in teeing off. Teeing off tip for beginners Here’s our top tips for teeing off when your just starting to play golf, scroll down for more tips for advanced users. 1 – Concentrate Sounds easy but at times isn’t! Try to focus on what you…

  • AeroBurner Driver

    TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

    The Aero burner from Taylor made is a super smart looking club with some serious technology behind it. If you are looking for a good value driver, with a range of angles to suit, then this could be the club for you. There’s a choice of a regular shaft or a stiff shaft and the degrees vary from quite a flat face with a 10.5 degree loft up to a 14 degree which is more a 2/3 wood angle. We really like these options as it’s nice to have an identical 3 wood to the driver – it gives a more comfortable confident shot when the 3 wood is needed.…

  • Clubs,  Reviews

    Best Junior Golf Clubs

    Starting out as a junior golfer can be tough, with the cost of clubs paired with the fact they’ll probably grow out of them. This means its very important to get the right set of clubs – balancing the cost but at the same time giving them a decent level of club to play with. It won’t help develop their game or provide any enjoyment if they’re struggling with rubbish clubs. We’ve check over a number in the range of junior golf sets to bring you our guide to our top 3 sets. We’ve also graded them by age to help guide you to the right product for the right…