Reach the Green

Let golf bloggers Simon and Matt guide you through the best equipment and the top tips to make you a better golfer.

How to tee off

Every golf round starts with teeing off and the first tee can be a daunting prospect on some courses. Often the clubhouse will overlook the tee so you’ll usually have people watching you start and there’s nothing worse than topping it in that situation. Whether you are a beginner or you’re looking for some more…
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AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

The Aero burner from Taylor made is a super smart looking club with some serious technology behind it. If you are looking for a good value driver, with a range of angles to suit, then this could be the club for you. There’s a choice of a regular shaft or a stiff shaft and the…
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Best Junior Golf Clubs

Starting out as a junior golfer can be tough, with the cost of clubs paired with the fact they’ll probably grow out of them. This means its very important to get the right set of clubs – balancing the cost but at the same time giving them a decent level of club to play with.…
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How to judge Golf club distances

Like many aspects of golf, knowing how to judge golf club distances is very much an individual thing. No two players are likely to drive, chip, play from the rough or hit irons the same way as each other for exactly the same club. On average there are differences between men and women as well…
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Black mens waterproof golf shoes

Best Waterproof golf shoes 2019

Want to see our recommended waterproof shoes? Read on to find our independent reviews of the top shoes from Adidas, FootJoy and more. Personally, I’m not what you’d call a fair weather golfer and I don’t think that anyone needs to be with the amount of waterproof equipment available.  Get the right clothing and foot…
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