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What is Bounce on a Wedge - The Secret to a Better Short Game

One of the greatest features of golf is its history and lore. Stories are abundant on just about any golf related topic and the invention of the sand wedge is no exception.

Gene Sarazen is widely credited with the invention of the modern sand wedge, although there is some debate on whether Sarazen invented the sand wedge or just greatly enhanced it with his innovations. One story that has become generally accepted is that Sarazen learned about aerodynamics while flying with Howard Hughes and was so inspired by how the flaps on the wings added lift, that he decided the same concept could be used in sand bunkers to lift his ball out of the hazards.

Thus was born the bounce - or the curved mass on the bottom of all wedges these days. If you're a serious player, you need to learn about the bounce on a wedge and how to use it as it will greatly improve your short game.

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