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Best Golf GPS Watch for Course Management and Club Selection

Are you a player focused on improvement and looking to save those last few precious strokes? If you are, finding the best golf GPS watch for your game might be one of the most important equipment purchases you make.

For those of us that strive for perfection with every shot, knowing how far we are from the hole, where the hidden bunkers are, or how close the water hazard is from the tee is essential information.

Unfortunately, we're not all able to secure the services of a caddie, we can only dream of such luxury. So what can we do? We can study the course and play it regularly enough to get an idea of where to hit the ball and where not to hit it. Or we can use the latest technology in GPS and invest in a GPS watch, giving us the second best thing to a full-time caddies. Heck it might even be better!

What is a Golf GPS Watch and How Would it Help?

A GPS watch picks up several satellite signals, and through triangulation, calculates a player's position. For golfers, this means that you can pinpoint very accurately where your ball is on the golf course. By knowing this you can have a really good idea of what club to choose for your next shot. Not only that but the best watches come packed with features that enhance your game and increase your competitiveness - Uall from a simple device that you wear on your wrist.

Our Selections for Best GPS Watch

Garmin Approach X10

Precise distances to greens, with a convenient touchscreen display

The Garmin X10 is one of the best golf gps watches available

A name synonymous with accurate positioning is Garmin and for us, their Golf watches are about as good as you'll find on the market.

We particularly like the Garmin Approach X10. This easy to use watch markets itself as a lightweight device that comes with an easy to read touchscreen display. The Garmin X10 comes pre-loaded with 41,000 courses worldwide with new courses added each year. Golfers can get real-time and accurate positioning information and know the distance to either the front, back or middle of the green. This Garmin GPS watch will tell you everything you need to know about the hole you're playing.

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Golfers will certainly get full use out of this watch and have confidence in the 12-hour battery life even in GPS mode. Players can use the green view, with the manual pin placement option to get a realistic view of the shape and layout of the green.

The Garmin Approach X10 is available in two very slick colors, Black and Bolt Blue. Sizes include small, medium and large.

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Garmin Approach X10 FAQ

How good is the display? Very good - 160 x 68 pixels

What is the display size? 25.4 x 10.7mm

What material is the strap made from? TPU

Does the watch come with a charging cable? Yes

Garmin Approach S20

Stylish, sleek, lightweight and packed full of features

Garmin Approach S20 gps golf watch

Among the best golf GPS watches available, the Garmin Approach S20 will enhance your game no end. If you're a player that has a keen interest in how technology can improve your performance, then this could well be the watch for you. The Garmin S20 is billed as being sleek with a comfortable fit and we think its stylish design really looks the part too.

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So what's so great about this GPS watch? Well, the S20 is stacked with tons of features. AUTOSHOT is a round analyzer. This means that it will measure the distances of your shots and utilizes auto recording so after your round you can gain insight into what you did right as well as what you did wrong. You can share and compare stats with friends through Garmin Connect, which can add a little competitiveness among fellow golfers.

Garmin connect software

You can also pair your Garmin S20 with TRUSWING. This feature works through a sensor, providing accurate metrics and measurements of your swing. This will aid in consistency and help you to improve your overall game. The STAT TRACKING feature shows the golfer enhanced statistics including how many fairways were hit and how many putts were taken.

gps watch paired with TRUSWING

The Garmin Approach S20 has over 40,000 built-in courses which are regularly added to and updated. The watch allows the golfer to reposition the pin for even more accuracy and you can easily keep track of your round through its digital scorecard.

Another great reason this is one of the best golf GPS watch products is that it encourages a healthy lifestyle. The Garmin S20 can be worn as a regular watch and can track your movements, calories burned and hours of sleep. Like any modern smart-watch, the S20 will notify you of incoming text messages or calls.

This watch has up to 15 hours of use after a full battery charge and you can connect the watch to your computer or laptop through the USB cable that is included. There is a range of colors including black, midnight teal, slate grey, and white.

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Garmin Approach S20 FAQs

What is the display size? The S20 has a display size of 23mm x 23mm

How good is the screen resolution? Excellent. The resolution is 128 x 128 pixels. With a sunlight, high-resolution monochrome type of display.

What material is the Garmin S20 strap? The strap is made from silicone

How good is the battery? We can't see this being a problem. Up to 8 weeks in active mode and 15 hours in GPS mode

How much memory does the watch have? 64MB

Is a charging cable included? Yes


We've already mentioned that we're big fans of Garmin golf watches, however, we feel that as part of our best golf GPS watch review we should highlight a less expensive alternative. Any seasoned golfer knows how much money we can spend on the game, so if there's an opportunity to save a few bucks then we're all for it.

less expensive gps watches

If golf on a budget is how you like to do things then check out the POSMA GT1+ Golf Trainer GPS Golf Watch. This watch comes preloaded with nearly 32000 golf courses around the globe including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The Posma GT1+ will tell the golfer the distance to the front or rear of the green. It will tell you about any hazards on that hole and it will give accurate measurements, helping you with correct club selection. The GT1+ includes a digital scorecard and is waterproof./

Posma GT1+ golf watch

We think the Posma GT1+ looks very nice with its black color and the adjustable strap will fit most anyone. The Lithium-ION rechargeable battery has an impressive 8 to 10-hour battery life when in play mode on the golf course, and if you're using it as an everyday watch you'll get as much 8 days per charge.

We recognize that buying a golf GPS watch can be a sizable investment. However, the right watch will no doubt aid and assist your game and there is a range of different watches, at varying price points. Let us know what you choose and how it's working.