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Callaway Hyper-Lite Golf Bags Review

The Callaway Hyper-Lite golf bag line is as an excellent bag in terms of looks, design, and lightweight feel. Our review will take a look at some of the latest options that are currently available on Amazon.

To match your style, there are several color options, even Red, White & Blue if you're feeling patriotic. This is a super lightweight golf bag with plenty of room for all your clubs and golf items, so good so good that we've rated it as our best golf stand bag!

Callaway Hyper-Lite golf bag in red white blue

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite pricing and options

Key features of the Callaway Hyper-Lite bag

  1. Perfect club positioning - Designed to slide the clubs in nice and easily when in the stand position, no more squeezing clubs past each other with this bag!
  2. Dedicated cell phone pocket - Very handy to keep your phone safe and waterproof while you play.
  3. Self-balancing strap - Helps to evenly distribute the weight across both straps making the bag feel as light as possible. This means if you're carrying a lot of equipment throughout the bag, it will still balance perfectly on your shoulders - a wonderful feature.
  4. Umbrella bungee - Makes it really simple to secure an umbrella of any size.
  5. 8 pockets - Each designed with the golfer in mind, including the cell phone pocket mentioned above and a water resistant pocket for valuables.
  6. Non-slip foot pads - This may not be something you've considered when buying a new golf bag but the non-slip foot pads of this stand helps to keep it in position.
  7. Matching rain cover - A rain cover to match the design of the bag, smart and stylish.


If this bag is within your budget then we'd say it's worth the money. You cannot help being impressed with the design and quality of this bag - it's a real stunner.


If you're looking for a cheaper alternative here are some bags to consider

Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag - Check prices here. The Izzo bag is lightweight at only 4.5 lbs. yet very durable. The 5-way divider keep clubs separated and the bag includes a magnetic ball pocket, a velour lined water-resistant valuables pocket, a Velcro glove holder and an insulated cooler pocket. A top alternative!

Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag alternative

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag - Check prices here. The TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag gets very high reviews due to offering a great bag at a very affordable price. The bag includes a 4-way divider, an anti-split stand system for durability, and 11 pockets including a garment pocket. At just 4.5 lbs. it's a great lightweight alternative.

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag alternative