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Kirkland Golf Balls - What's New In 2020

First and foremost we send our best wishes to everyone and hope that you're well as the Coronavirus Pandemic rages on. Stay healthy everyone and practice your social distancing!

As we are all cooped up, many of us are looking forward to better times when we can get back on the golf course. As we wait, it's a great time to think about our equipment and what we might want to try in 2020. As golf balls go, if you're not overly particular and are looking for a great value, you might want to take another look at the Kirkland golf balls from Costco. It's true that the Kirkland balls got some bad press in 2019 for some issues with their 4-piece golf ball's cover durability, but those have been discontinued and refunds were given to all buyers. However, the 3-piece Kirkland balls are still available and selling like crazy!

As I'm writing this article Kirkland golf balls are selling for $24.99 for 2 dozen at the Costco website. That's right - 2 dozen - for $25. Our article on the best values for golf balls focused primarily on what we might call premium golf balls. But if you're looking for the best possible deal on balls that offer a high level of performance, Kirkland may be a brand to put on your list for 2020.

Kirkland golf balls from Costco

It is important that anytime we feature a product on this blog that we look closely at what's being said about the product by those actually using it on the course. In this case, we read many of the 17,000+ reviews of the Kirkland golf balls and created what we think is a fair and honest assessment. If you're going to buy these golf balls, you're probably a player that isn't overly concerned with premium names, you just want a quality ball that you can use to enjoy the game without spending a fortune. We've put together a Buyer's Guide below that you may want to review, and below is a video where a player tested the Kirkland ball against Titleist and Vice. We hope this info helps you!

Kirkland Golf Balls Buyer's Guide

Players who should feel comfortable buying these balls:

  • You don't play too often, you're just having fun and economical golf balls are what you need
  • You're a junior player just getting started
  • You're not someone with tremendous club head speed - if you miss hit a shot it's not likely you will scar a ball
  • You primarily play Par 3 and Executive Courses
  • You're a mid to high handicapper not overly worried about spin rates and such
  • You like a softer feeling golf ball
  • You lose a lot of balls and don't want to pay $40-50 dollars a dozen!

Players who might want to consider other options:

  • Distance is your game, it may be that you get less than optimal carry with the Kirkland ball
  • You demand maximum playability, and monitor spin rates and other metrics
  • You like to work the ball both ways (fades and draws) and need maximum control
  • You are willing to pay for the latest technology
  • You're very particular about the feel of your short game shots and putts

2 dozen package of Kirkland golf balls

If you do buy these golf balls, please let us know what you find. We'd be interested to hear feedback from players who put this Kirkland ball in play.