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TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review

The AeroBurner from TaylorMade is still a terrific option for players that want upgraded technology but can live without the latest and greatest models. It's a nice looking club with some serious technology behind it, so if you're looking for a good value driver this is a solid choice. They haven't been easy to find lately, so check Amazon for availability. There have been some high quality used options available on occasion as well so give Amazon a good look before you buy.

This driver boasts the innovative TaylorMade Open Channel Speed Pocket which effectively increases the size of the sweet spot making it easier to hit, especially for those with slower swing speeds. There's a number of shaft options and lofts to choose from, please continue reading for our thoughts on choosing the proper specs for your particular game.

TaylorMade AeroBurner driver specs

Choosing Your AeroBurner Driver

The moment you get the club in your hands it's hard not to be impressed with the look and feel of it - lightweight yet powerful. It's designed with power and distance in mind and even the colors and logos seem to say "fast" and "speed".

TaylorMade AeroBurner driver review

How to select the right shaft

With the wide range of choices that come with modern golf clubs, it can be hard to decide which options to select. Do not fear! At #Reachthegreen we are here to help you with our simple guide.

First you'll need to know your swing speed. You can either buy a swing speed monitor or go to your local golf shop and ask them to test your speed. Most shops will be happy to give you a free measure.

Swing speed 80-95 - This is an average golfer with an average handicap, you don't find many golfers with a higher swing speed than this playing with a very low handicap. If you are unsure, but you drive the ball between 180-210 yards on average then this would probably be your speed range.

For this speed, you'll want the regular shaft.

Swing speed 90-105 - Faster swingers, those who can consistently hit a driver over 220 yards, will want the driver to have a stiff shaft. If you are over 105 (wow that's awesome) then there is an x-stiff version that some retailers stock, but it can be difficult to find one.

How to select the right loft

9.5 Degrees - This is at the low end of the driver loft spectrum, and probably better suited for a player that has a faster swing speed, more than 95 mph. A lot of faster swings will require less loft so that the ball doesn't spin too much, but if you're an average or low swing speed player you'll want more loft to launch the ball higher for more carry.

10.5 Degrees - If you are an average player that can get a driver in the air and have it carry at least 190 yards, then a 10.5 degree loft might be perfect. However, the latest technology and analysis has shown that a slower swing speed will benefit from more loft, not less. Seems counter intuitive, but getting the ball in air so that it carries is very important to maximizing distance.

10.5 degree face on the 1 wood version

12 Degrees - This loft might suit you best if you don't hit your driver very far. The extra loft will help you get the ball up in the air so that it can carry. If you have a problem getting a driver in the air and this makes you normally grab your 3 wood on the tee, the 12 degree version, or even the HL version (see below) might be better options. Do not buy a 9.5 degree lofted driver if you struggle getting your current driver up in the air. Go with more loft. This option is a good one for building confidence off the tee without losing too much distance - I've seen people tee off with 5 woods just so it goes straight and gets in the air!

HL (high loft) - This option would be for the player who has a very slow swing speed and really struggles with elevation and distance off the tee. Again, the extra loft here will help you get the ball up in the air which is the key to distance. If you struggle getting less lofted clubs airborne, loft if your friend!

About the AeroBurner technology

The technology in this club centers around its advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape. The toe is more round, the hosel has an innovative new fin and the sleeker design all are meant to reduce wind drag for faster swing speeds. The Speed Pocket makes for a larger sweet spot and also reduces spin, which can help the ball carry further and also make off-center hits more forgiving. These tweaks and improvements will help you become a better driver of the ball. The quality of the club, and the value at current prices, makes this a great option if you want a new driver.