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What Equipment do You Need to Take Up Golf

So you want to start playing our favorite pastime and you need help selecting the equipment you need to get started in golf?

First of all welcome to the most exciting, annoying, thrilling, irritating but enjoyable sport. Golf is a fabulous game and we congratulate you for taking up the game we love. Golf can be enjoyed in many ways. A quick bucket or 2 of balls at the driving range or maybe a par 3 course to start, or if your feeling up to it a local course for 9 or 18 holes.

The Golf Equipment You Need Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Taking up golf can often seem like it requires a huge outlay of cash. You need clubs, bags, balls, and all the other equipment you've seen players carry around with them, not to mention the cost of fees at your local golf club. We’re passionate about the game of golf and like seeing new players taking up the sport. So let us help you build a bag without breaking the bank!

What equipment do you need to take up golf?

what equipment do i need to start playing golf

So what equipment do you need to purchase to take up golf? Let's take a look at you'll need and some affordable options.


You might begin your golf career at a local driving range, and some of them will rent golf clubs, so you might want to try some clubs to see what you like before you decide to buy your own set. While you're at it, if this is literally your first time playing golf, you may check to see if your driving range offers instruction. This can give you a head start and some invaluable lessons getting your grip and swing working together. Many courses offer lessons as well, where you can gain some expert instruction before you start buying new golf equipment.

You may be happy with how you grip the club, address the ball and swing the club and you're wanting to go straight into playing a round on a course. If so, then obviously you will need some equipment. This is where people often panic and get themselves worked up over costs, trying to convince their husband or wife that paying for all the gear you see the pros with is a necessity to shooting low scores.

The equipment you need to take up golf does not need to crazy expensive, especially if you follow our guide. Unless you have just discovered you can hit the ball further than Dustin Johnson and putt better than Phil Mickelson, you're going to be just fine with some less costly golf equipment options that will get you playing the game.

First, and obviously, you need some clubs. Ideally, you’d want to practice swing with some clubs to get a feel of what seems right. If you are a true beginner, consider the option of oversized club heads. As a new player these are a fantastic option, with club heads slightly bigger than normal allowing more club face area to connect with the ball. These are great for confidence especially as a newbie.

For convenience, you are able to purchase a complete set of oversized clubs and a bag. My favorite set of oversized clubs is the Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus. These are more than adequate for beginners and will give you a good start.

This set includes:

  • Oversized driver in forged titanium composite
  • #3 fairway wood with graphite shaft
  • #5 hybrid with graphite shaft
  • Irons with steel shafts, 6 through PW
  • Heel/toe weighted putter
  • Premium, lightweight carry bag
  • Three matching head covers

You will need to decide how many clubs to buy. The set above would give you everything you need to start playing golf. Golf rules state that a player can carry no more than 14 clubs. As a beginner, you certainly do not need to carry all 14 allowed clubs. But no matter what you choose, let us break down what we think you should have and maybe save you some money. 

Of course, you want a driver to tee off with. A driver can often be difficult to master, however, the more you use your driver the more comfortable you will find it. And the farther you can learn to drive the ball, the easier the game will become.

We also think there's room in a beginners bag for at least 1 or 2 fairway woods and hybrids. These clubs will help you hit longer shots off the fairway and are often great options from the tee on tight driving holes. Many players find long irons like 3 & 4 irons very difficult to hit, especially as a beginner. So we will recommend hybrids instead of long irons for new players.

You will also need some irons. Irons are going to allow you to hit shots of different distances into the greens. Mastering your iron play is one of the fastest ways to lower your handicap. The Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus set we reviewed above has 6 iron through Pitching Wedge (PW) which is perfect for a first time player.

So that's a driver, some fairway woods and hybrids, and irons. You will also need a sand wedge. This is for the inevitable bunker shot, and to help you master the neat and tidy shots around the green. You will definitely land in the rough so a more open-faced wedge will give u more success in finding the green or laying up close. Check out our best wedge guide for more information. The more you get into the game, and the more you improve, you could start experimenting with other wedges of various lofts and bounces.

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, 50 Degree, Black Satin

Our top rated lob wedge - Cleveland RTX3

Finally you will need putter (Have a look at this one, it's a great starter putter). As a new golfer looking for equipment, don't get put off by the various styles and names of putters.  There are different types of shafts and heads but ultimately it will come down to personal preference. Make sure you choose a putter that feels good.

Now that you have clubs, you need a bag to put them in. Bags come in all manner of sizes. Some you carry on your back, others are made to be strapped on a cart and some seem to hold everything including the kitchen sink.

Golf Bag

What makes a good golf bag? This is a difficult question to answer. A golf bag ideally should comfortably hold your clubs, and have plenty of storage for balls, rain suits, tees, towels and other items you need during play. If you plan to walk your local course instead of riding a cart, you will likely want a lightweight stand bag. This keeps your clubs standing upright and not laying on the ground. Those that are more likely to ride a cart might choose a larger, heavier cart bag.

If you plan to be a walking player, take a look at this Callaway carry bag: Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag, Navy/ Red/ White

What other equipment do you need to take up golf?

You've found your clubs and you've got a bag. Of course golf is pointless without a ball, or many balls because trust us as a beginner you will lose some and then you’ll lose some more. As a beginner or novice golfer, you may not realize that golf balls have many different characteristics which can determine how well you play. Novices should not get too caught up in the right golf balls for different mechanics, it's unlikely your going to start fading balls over trees to avoid hazards any time soon.

Golf Balls

We don't recommend you spend a fortune on your golf balls, but it's fine to start playing with a middle of the road ball to give you some accuracy and distance without spending a lot of money. We recommend the Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (12-Pack). These balls will help you start learning and judging how you play. Golf can be all about confidence and the ball you choose can affect your game. Check out our full review of some of the best value golf balls and see for yourself.

Best cheap golf balls

Golf Footwear

A newcomer to golf may not realize how important golf shoes can be. There are many types of shoes available. Different brands, different colors and different prices. A modern golf shoe usually comes with molded studs or cleats. This is to make sure the feet stay planted and the stance stays firm and fixed when swinging and striking the ball. Golf shoes really pay for themselves when the weather is wet or where the ground is damp. Feet that slip when hitting the ball will result in poor shots. We've had a look at some of the best waterproof golf shoes available and are impressed with some lightweight options.


If you're already accustomed to your swing, or you've taken some lessons, then you may understand the importance of wearing a golf glove. Some people don't like wearing a glove, however in my opinion a glove is an essential item to buy. A well fitting golf glove can be the difference between a good round and a round where you want to launch your bag and clubs into the nearest trash can.

A golf glove will help you firmly grip the club keeping it aligned throughout the swing. Take our advice and make sure you invest in a glove. Many of them don’t cost that much money and last an entire season.

Golf Tees

If you're new to the game you may not realize that like golf balls, there are many different types of tees. Some are made from wood and others are plastic. Some tees are long and others short. Some golf tees have markings to aid how high to set the tees while others have been made with a set height.

Many standard golf tees are sized from 2 1/4 inches up to approximately 4 inches. We find that 2 ¾ inch tees are one of most common sizes however any tee like this will suffice. If you want to try out different heights then check out AckBrands MeasureTees Golf Tees - 2 3/4 or 3 1/4 Inch - Wood (100 Pack) or Plastic (30 Nearly Unbreakable) P3 - these have markers on so you can keep teeing the ball at the same height.

which golf tees should i use

Golf tees tend to come in bags of 25, 50 or 100. Personally, I like a nice wooden tee and I've used enough to know how high to set my ball.

Next on the list of smaller golf equipment items is something you may not have ever thought about. A divot repair tool is always carried by golfers who care about the condition of the courses they play. They are relatively inexpensive. We've had a look at a really great divot repair tool. A ball mark created by a bouncing ball is unavoidable, however being a courteous player means that you can repair the mark with a simple tool.

Another inexpensive item of equipment you need to take up golf is a simple ball marker. For this you don't need to spend money, instead use some! Take a nickel or similar size coin, keep it in your bag or pocket and when you're on the green you can simply mark your golf ball with your coin.

Any golfer should take pride in their equipment. After all you've invested in it and you want it to perform well and last for many seasons. Golf isn't always played in fair weather, in fact I've lost count of how many times I've been on the fairway and the heavens have opened. Keeping your clubs clean and dry will stop any unnecessary wear, so make it a habit to wipe off grass and earth after each shot. Again you don't need to buy anything. Why not take a towel from home and keep it tucked into your bag for when you need it.

Golf has many rules and a standard of etiquette. Arriving at your golf course dressed appropriately is often a must and will prevent you from being turned away. Make sure you’re wearing the correct golf pants and a collared shirt. Waterproof jackets are recommended along with hats to shade from the sun.

As you get more into the sport you’ll no doubt know what equipment you need for your golf game. More clubs, a specific ball for your swing, an electric golf cart or even GPS watches to help you with yardages. The list can often seem endless, however I hope this guide has shown what you need to take up golf! Check out other articles on the site to learn more about this great game!