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What Should You Eat Before a Round of Golf

Like most other sports, golf is a physical activity and as such the body needs the correct fuel to perform well. Many new players looking for that extra edge often ask me what they should eat before a round of golf. We all know what is (and isn't) good for us, but sometimes a little guidance can help players make the right choices.

You wouldn't take your automobile on a long journey on half a tank of gas. Properly preparing your nutrition before a round can keep you fully energized and completely on your A game ... especially if you're competing and need to maintain your concentration.

So what should you eat before a round of golf?

Eat healthy / find the fairway / reach the green

image of what should you eat before a round of golf try some muesli

It all starts with what is often called the most important meal of the day - breakfast. Muesli is a great option as the energy rich vitamins and minerals are slowly released helping to sustain stamina over a longer period.

Having a healthy and substantial breakfast really does set you up for the day and helps you maintain energy during your upcoming round on the golf course. Golf requires you to be focused throughout while maintaining stamina and endurance. A hearty and healthy start will help you achieve this and improve your prospects of shooting a good score.

What should you consider eating before you play golf?

Slow energy releasing foods will keep you on an even keel

Staying away from fatty, fried foods, although delicious, is highly recommended. These types of food offer empty calories and you will not feel any benefit when stepping out on the course or later in your round of golf. A wholesome breakfast will give you a fighting chance of sustaining energy levels. Eggs/omelettes are a great option especially if you fill it with fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes or mushrooms.

Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated and your muscles in top condition

Golfers should also stay well hydrated throughout the day. Coffee should be fine in small quantities, but the best option would be water. You can help yourself, and your game, by staying hydrated which will help maintain your energy levels.

image of a golfer staying hydrated on the golf course

A round of golf can often take up much of the day. So keep in mind that a healthy breakfast alone may not be enough. Imagine getting to the 10th hole, your scoring well, and all of a sudden you feel the tiredness kick in. What started as a good round can quickly become a disaster. Make sure you carry plenty of water to stay hydrated as well as an energy boosting healthy snack. Fruit such as bananas gradually release sugars providing energy. Nuts are also a great alternative.

We’d love to hear from you to see how you prepare before you hit the golf course. Any other ideas on what you eat before a round of golf would be great.