How to judge Golf club distances

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How to judge Golf club distances

Like many aspects of golf, knowing how to judge golf club distances is very much an individual thing.

No two players are likely to drive, chip, play from the rough or hit irons the same way as each other for exactly the same club.

On average there are differences between men and women as well as older players as their strength lessens. There can be times when a player cannot or chooses not to perform a full swing which obviously shortens their shot distance.

So taking all these variables into account how to judge golf club distances is a very difficult question to be given an exact answer.

This subject, for me, is where the golf driving range comes into its own as well as just getting out on the course and finding out for yourself.  

Golf clubs have average distances which you can see below;

How to judge Golf club distances

Individual players can take these numbers as a guide, especially if you’re just starting out. One thing to note with such a table, listing golf club distance information, is that golf clubs are very individual and you may find one brand or club head type can hit it further than another.

A good tip is to learn your own limits down at the driving range. Take some clubs and hit a decent number of balls with each and start to build in your own mind how far you can comfortably hit each club. It’s key to not try and see how far you can hit one ball at the optimum but how far you regularly hit it. Try using different lofts of wedges and see how this affects the distance and trajectory. By learning more about your capabilities you can then improve the consistency of your game.

How to judge golf club distances – Start using tech

As we have previously mentioned there are many variables. One of my favorite shots is the 9 iron using a half to ¾ swing shot when I’m laid up not far from the green. I get much satisfaction from getting close to the pin and have always had a knack for this shot. Other players, playing the same shot, may use a pitching wedge with a full swing and achieve the same result, it’s just personal preference and one I have gotten used to just from playing.

Judging golf club distances can also be achieved with GPS. We’ve had a look at some of the latest tech available to achieve this. GPS can be used on thousands of courses around the world and they will let you know your exact position on the hole and how far your ball is from the pin, thus enabling you to pick out the right club for your next shot. There are some fantastic GPS watches available and are especially helpful if you’ve never played that course before.


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