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How to Swing a Golf Club - 6 Fundamentals that Matter

Ok so we are going to open this can of worms, and why not? There are so many opinions on how to swing a golf club that you are likely overwhelmed with conflicting information and swing keys. Let's try to simplify this with our top 6 fundamentals, the ones we think matter most, in the order of importance.

Learn how to swing a golf club with these 6 keys!

  1. Impact: there are a zillion ways to swing the club, but what matters most is a solid impact position
  2. Grip: there are plenty of good players with "bad" grips, but it makes the game harder
  3. Alignment: you can aim way left like Trevino or right like Billy Casper, but you have to make adjustments
  4. Downswing Plane: there are very few good/great players with over the top downswings
  5. Club Face Angle: you can play with an open or closed face throughout the swing, but you better know how
  6. Speed: distance matters, so you need to train speed

So let's look at each of our key fundamentals in more detail. But we will not give you a checklist of every position you must hit in the golf swing to play well, we just don't think that is a good way to learn. You need a combination of comfort, repeatability and understanding of what makes a golf swing work. If you can get that down, you can adequately swing a golf club and be a good player.


Get here however you can, in any way that makes sense to you, and you'll be a good ball striker. You'll see all kinds of different moves each week on TV if you watch golf. Think about these names: Jim Furyk, Adam Scott, Matthew Wolff, Matt Kuchar, Rickie Fowler. Yeah you get the drift, these are all great players with totally different swings. Just this mental exercise alone should be enough proof for you that there is absolutely not just one way to swing a golf club. There are many.

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