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Average Golf Score Analysis - Where Do You Rank?

So, you want to know how good you really are? Are you interested in the average golf score and how you measure up to the competition? Do you want to know if the guy at work who brags about being a "scratch golfer" can really be that good (real scratch players are very, very rare)? Well we've compiled a great deal of information regarding golf scores, so take some time to read through our analysis and by the end you should have a pretty good idea where you stand.

Now, before you go too far, if you don't have an official handicap taking the 2020 rule changes into account, go to our site at GroupChips and get a FREE handicap estimate. It's an unofficial handicap estimate, but if you don't have access to an official World Handicap System index, it's a FREE way to measure your game. A handicap is a great way to get a real measure of your playing ability. Once you know your handicap, you can take a look at this USGA handicap analysis and see where you rank. Less than 2% of all players are really scratch (handicaps of 0 to plus)!

Stats on Average Golf Scores

  • About 25 million people play golf (on the course) annually in the USA*
  • These 25 million players account for 440 million rounds annually*
  • Average score estimates from multiple sources range between 95-100 for 18 holes - more on this below
  • Based on the USGA analysis of handicaps, only about 1/3 of golfers have handicaps of 10 or less - meaning 2/3 of all players cannot break 90 regularly
  • Adherence to rules (or not) adds a lot of variability to average golf score estimates
*National Golf Foundation

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