Beginner’s Guide: All A Golfer Should Know About Cobra King F8 Clubs

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Beginner’s Guide: All A Golfer Should Know About Cobra King F8 Clubs

Being a successful golfer takes practice, dedication, and patience. All these elements are vital for practicing those hits and polishing your technique. However, good strategy and skills are not the only things that matter on the field. Although many beginners may not know this, golf is actually all about smart equipment choices, and the selection of a golf club is among the hardest and most influential decisions.

How Can A Golf Club Affect Your Game?

A standard starter set usually contains from 9 to 10 clubs, while a full set holds 14. Each piece from the set has unique specs and pros. Thus, it is essential to know which club to choose for hitting a ball. This choice is influenced by a whole range of factors including trajectory, accuracy, distance, player’s technique, etc. If you can make the right choice, a club will compliment your style of game and help make more accurate hits.

Although it is important to pick a suitable club for each hit, it is even more important to opt for a high-quality set in general. Clubs created by the world’s leading manufacturers of golf equipment usually have a better build and construction that contribute to a better feel, distance, and overall performance.

In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the golfers’ favorite companies – Cobra Golf. The company was founded in 1973. The creator of this brand was a winner of the amateur golf championship in Australia – Thomas Crow. This American manufacturer became worldwide famous thanks to producing one of the first utility clubs, the Baffler. Today, it is a subsidiary of another famous company – Puma.  still popular and widely known for the excellent quality of their products

All A Golfer Should Know About Cobra King F8 Clubs

The products introduced by this brand are known for their excellent quality, durability, and many other pros. If you are deciding whether to opt for it or not, be sure to check out King Cobra golf clubs reviews to see what golfers think of it.

And, if you would like to learn more about their new F8 lineup, here are the top facts you should bear in mind:

King Cobra F8 Driver

  1. Prices

In general, the price tag for Cobra’s clubs is fairly affordable. The price for F8 lineup items starts from $199 for hybrids, then rises to $249 for fairways and $399 for drivers.

There are only a few pricey options – Variable King F8 ONE and Variable-length steel items both cost from $799 to $899.

  1. Faces

The drivers from this line come with multi-directional CNC-milled faces. Thus, these drivers save weight, are more forgiving, and increase ball speed. Also, thanks to a rough surface, these clubs reduce spin, offer more consistency and tighter tolerance.

  1. Weight

Cobra’s new drivers have two weight ports instead of three as we could see on their past products. What does this mean for golfers? According to the company, this allows to drop the center of gravity in the head and make clubs more forgiving.

  1. Aero-(S)trips

As a rule, drivers come with speed trips for improved aerodynamics, but Cobra has taken it to a new level. The brand managed to add polymer trips that don’t increase the weight of the crown too much. This ensures larger distance and ball speed.

  1. Smart Clubs

All clubs from the line support an innovative Cobra Connect feature. This feature works thanks to Arccos 360 sensors embedded in the clubs’ grips. These sensors turn a regular club into a smart one by providing you with accurate stats and handy information in the special mobile app.

  1. Kids

Cobra’s products are usually quite customizable for golfers’ convenience. However, they’ve gone a step further with their new F8 line and created additional length options for kids from 7 to 15 years old!

  1. Fairways

As always, the items from a new line are using Baffler technology, which ensures simple gliding through the turf and prevents digging. The F8 and F8+ fairway woods come with a sleeker shape of a head and have carbon fiber in their crowns for more forgiveness.

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