Which golf tees should I use

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Which golf tees should I use

which golf tees should i use

A common question we’re often asked by novice and new players is which golf tees should I use?

Before answering that it makes sense to understand the laws of golf to determine what is allowed in terms of setting the ball.

A golf tee must:

• Not be any longer than 4 inches (10.16cm).

• Not be created used or fashioned in any way that the tee could indicate the line of play.

• Assist or Influence in any way the movement of the golf ball.

• Not assist the player in the striking of the ball or helping their play.

Which golf tees should I use or buy

Golf tees come in many shapes and sizes and are usually manufactured using plastic or wood. Historically golfers used a small rise in the ground and even sand to set their ball higher however nowadays tees have become a lot more sophisticated.

There are several different types of golf tee which you could use but may not be aware of;



wooden golf tees

Wooden tees are usually made to the 4-inch maximum length. The golfer can then never be penalized for setting it too high. Wooden tees are often seen as the classic way to set your ball. Some players get great satisfaction hitting a beautiful tee shot and looking down to see a snapped wooden tee. They see it as an indication of a sweetly struck ball….I’m not convinced by that!

You can see our recommended wooden tee here. These are an awesome bamboo golf tee that’s approved by the PGA, stronger than wood and quicker to biodegrade – perfect when they fly off everywhere when you tee off!


Are brush golf tees right for my game? Here's the answer to which golfers they suit.

These golf tees have been specially created to support the ball. The brush or bristles allow the least amount of friction possible and are flexible when striking the club head through.

Plastic – Not recommended 

plastic golf tees - Are they needed anymore?

These golf tees are molded in many forms and shapes. Some have a lip so that the player always pushes in the ball to the same height every time. Of course there different types of plastic tees and only through practicing and using different ones will you find the best tee to match your needs and requirements. We’re more about the environment here at Reach The Green so wood is always our preferred option. 


friction less tees

For me the term friction less is a little questionable. 100% friction less would surely mean a floating ball however the theory behind these golf tees is that the ball is set on 3 forks or prongs creating air space underneath. Do they increase distance? Why not give them a try and find out for yourself.

Which golf tee is right for me?

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The height in which you set the ball can be determined for you by some tees however others require you to push the tee into the ground and find the desired height.

The height that a tee is set at is very much an individual choice and should be sufficient enough to accommodate your club head and the way in which you strike the ball.

I personally use wooden tees and know exactly how high i need to set it.

The easiest answer to which golf tees you should use is practice using different ones. Get a feel for what gives you the best accuracy and distance.

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