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Lightweight Golf Bag Options for the Walking Player

Lots of golf bag manufacturers have lightweight golf bags with fancy product names to encourage you to think it's the lightest bag on the market. But which golf bag really is the lightest? We've gone through Amazon best sellers to bring you the most comprehensive guide to golf carry bags.

A Review Lightweight Golf Bag Options

The bags on our list are ordered by weight and include specs for each to help you buy the right bag! All of these bags are available on Amazon, so there's no need to spend a day going from store to store trying to find the exact one. All of the bags combine lightweight construction and top features.

Light & Affordable - Tangkula Stand Bag (3.5 lbs)

The Tangkula lightweight golf bag is only 3.5 pounds

This is among the lightest golf bag we could find at just 3.5 lbs, but the bag is still sturdy enough for regular play. The carry golf stand bag has a 3 way divider with plenty of space to accommodate your entire set of golf clubs. There are 4 zipper pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap. It's perfect for the walking and traveling golfer as it takes up very little space in transport. The bag stands steadily and balanced and will keep your clubs upright, and off wet and muddy surfaces. You can see the latest price on Amazon below!

Buy the Tangkula Stand Bag at Amazon

Our Recommended Bag - Wilson Staff Hybrix Carry Bag (5 lbs)

Wilson Hybrix carry bag is a great lightweight option

From all our research into bags, we've found that the Wilson Staff Hybrix Carry Bag is the one that combines form with top notch functionality. It's an excellent bag that has 14 dividers in the top and 6 pockets to hold all of your gear and accessories. This is the perfect lightweight golf carry bag.


  1. 1 full-length Apparel pocket
  2. 1 velour-lined valuables pocket
  3. 2 large accessory pockets
  4. 1 ball and tee pocket
  5. 1 open pocket for drinks or range finder

Here's how the club dividers look:

Wilson Hybrix light golf bag with 14 divider top

All around it's a top quality bag with double-padded hip strap, soft mesh hip pad, an umbrella holder, a pen sleeve, towel ring and glove holder, and a rain hood - all of this weighs just 5 pounds!

Buy the Wilson Staff Hybrix Carry Bag at Amazon

Now let's look at some other great options!

Callaway Hyper Lite Zero Golf Bag (2.5 lbs)

This lightweight bag is made from a special Nylon that claims to be 25% more durable so this bag should last for many seasons to come. It has a 4 way club divider, carbon fiber legs and pockets for valuables and a cell phone. This bag also comes in many colors.

Callaway Hyper Lite Zero golf bag is just 2.5 pounds

See the color options and pricing for the Callaway Hyper Lite Zero Golf Bag at Amazon

TaylorMade 2019 LiteTech 3.0 Stand Golf Bag (3 lbs)

This ultra lightweight, yet very durable golf stand bag weighs just 3 lbs and features the TaylorMade LiteTech 3.0 technology which is the lightest material yet from TaylorMade. The bag has self-adjusting straps, designed for a trouble free and comfortable carry experience. The bag also has a proprietary smooth-release system that makes the bag very easy to prop up. The bag features a 5-way divider system and 6 pockets. It's very goof choice for a lightweight golf bag.

TaylorMade LiteTech golf bag is 3 pounds and a terrific lightweight option

See the color options and pricing for the TaylorMade 2019 LiteTech 3.0 Stand Golf Bag at Amazon