Best Waterproof golf shoes 2019

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Best Waterproof golf shoes 2019

Black mens waterproof golf shoes

Want to see our recommended waterproof shoes?

Read on to find our independent reviews of the top shoes from Adidas, FootJoy and more.

Personally, I’m not what you’d call a fair weather golfer and I don’t think that anyone needs to be with the amount of waterproof equipment available.  Get the right clothing and foot wear and other than high winds or lightning then nothing should stop you getting around in. If I didn’t play every time there was rain on the forecast I’d get about 3 rounds in a year!

Top 3 waterproof shoes – Men’s and Women’s

For our guide, we have looked at the following to collate our top 3.

  1. How waterproof are they?
  2. Comfort and design
  3. The quality feel of the shoe
  4. Other user reviews, from multiple sites, to get an idea of what others think of the shoes as well as us.

Mens No 1 – Under Amour Speith one waterproof shoe

Designed by Under Armour in association with Jordan Speith these shoes are a thing of beauty. As well as being waterproof they are breathable and just a fantastic pair of golf shoes. In terms of comfort, I have never looked back after wearing these, even if you’re doing 36 holes in a day. You can check the latest price for these on Amazon here.

You can tell the absolute quality in these shoes as soon as you take them out of the box and they appear to be very durable. The user reviews on other sites are all raving about the pure comfort of these and there are 5-star reviews everywhere you look. They come in a range of 5 colors with the white/ white being shown above. My personal favorites are the white/ red as shown below. There is also an option of black if you’re looking for a smarter more traditional look.

Best waterproof shoes for golfers - top rated by under amour

Weighing a mere 16oz these are light on your feet and come with a 2-year waterproof warranty. This is one of the reasons we named these the best golf shoes. The quality of the waterproofing comes from the UA storm technology.

Women’s No 1 – Under Armour UA Tempo

Similar in design to the best men’s shoe the women’s version comes with all the same recommendations – they’re light, breathable and most importantly waterproof – Again you’ll get the 2-year waterproof guarantee with a pair of these, but they are slightly lighter at just 12oz. Recent reviews on the Under Armour website include someone saying “These are the best shoes ever” – high praise indeed. You can check the latest prices here.

Best women's golf shoes

There is only one color available which is the white and blue as shown above. As well as comfort the soft spike provide all the grip you’ll need to make sure your feet don’t slip around while playing.

Good spikes mean no slipping when hitting the ball

If you can’t tell already we absolutely love these shoes – for us its a clear winner for the best waterproof golf shoes – these!

Mens No 2 – Adidas tour 360 boost

The Adidas range of golf shoes are worn by tour veterans Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson giving you an idea of the quality of these waterproof golf shoes. The design stays traditional to the Adidas look and these do, like most modern shoes, have the look and comfort of a sneaker. For the smarter look, there is also a black option available. There’s also this grey option below with a yellow trim that’s my pick of the colors. A very sleek pair of golf shoes.

Adidas tour 360 boost mens water proof golf trainers

In the range, you can also get the polo shirts worn by Garcia and Johnson to match the shoes for the full look.

The shoes have the Adidas climacool technology to make sure your feet stay nice and cool whilst providing you protect against the weather.

Women’s No 2 – Adidas Adipower boost

Adipower is the brand name for these golf shoes combining Adidas and power. These are a super comfortable pair of lightweight waterproof golf shoes that come in a good range of colors.

best womens waterproof golf shoes -rated no 2 in the list from Adidas golf

The range includes the subtle grey and pink above, a vibrant purple and the classic black shoe. As with the men’s Adidas shoe, this also has the climaproof technology to stop your feet from getting too warm and sweaty. The show is made with an advanced foam cushion which gives you n increased comfort and control during the shot reducing the fatigue on your feet from playing 18 holes.

These are following the trend to spike less design making it easier to get around the course and no more losing spikes. In terms of golf shoes, these are the next level in comfort and design. If you’re currently using a show that’s older than 5 years then you’ll really notice the difference in quality and comfort in any of the shoes that we feature here.

For these most user reviews say they are a little narrow in the fit so it may be worth going half a size up from your usual – if you get them from Amazon you can always return them if they’ve not been worn outside – its always best to try them on before you get out on the course!

As you can see above these are a delightful pair of golf shoes – if you get a pair let us know what you think of tag us in a photo of them on Instagram @reachthegreen.

Mens No 3 – ECCO Hybrid golf shoes

What is there not to love about these ECCO hybrid shoes? We can’t find anything – they are pretty awesome. They continue on the spikeless trend that’s sweeping golf shoe design at the moment. We particularly like the grey/ orange trim option for a really smart look with a bit of style.

Hybrid waterproof golf shoes

Technology wise these pack a punch too, with an advanced silicone sole to reduce any slip in the swing – this is a great bit of tech to help you keep a solid swing.

BIOM – This is the technology in the shoe that makes them sooo comfortable. It reduces impact in the step and works on improving all-around comfort. When playing golf this is a real advantage, especially if you’re playing a few rounds a week. The design is built around a low to the ground construction and designed for a glove-like fit on the foot. You’ll find ECCO BIOM technology in a range of sports and leisure shoes from the ECCO range.

So what is a “hybrid shoe”? I’m sure we’re all familiar with a hybrid club but ECCO have a hybrid shoe- so what’s that? It’s a spikeless golf shoe that still gives you enough grip on the course but can still be worn off the course. You can walk straight to golf and not have to change your shoes with these beauties.

Spikeless shoes are becoming more popular both with the modern golfer and with clubs. They do less damage to the course and more like a sneaker in terms of comfort. It is worth checking with the club you play at that they can be worn before you buy a pair – just to be on the safe side.

Women’s no 3 coming soon…….

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