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Best Cheap Golf Balls

You may not realize this but there are many variations of golf balls. Depending on what golf you’re playing then choosing the right golf ball is important.

If your playing competitively then your choice of ball will differ from when practicing. Here at Reach the Green we’ve explained the differences between some of the balls you’ll find to buy and which ones we recommend for whatever type of golf you’re using them for. We believe you absolutely don’t have to break the bank when choosing and buying. We, therefore, present to you the best cheap golf balls.

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Our No.1 recommended best value golf balls; Srixon AD333

Best cheap golf balls

Srixon AD333 best cheap golf balls

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The Srixon AD333 golf balls have been made with a soft Rabalon and HR+ and Pana Tetra, ionomer thin cover. This thin cover technology provides an excellent all-rounder and a pack of 12 means these are some of the best value golf balls available. With a very good ‘soft’ feel these balls will give mid to high handicappers some good distance whilst providing some nice control in around the green with closer range approach shots.

Best Cheap Golf Balls – The RTG guide

Before we show you our pick of best cheap golf balls, we think it’s a good idea for you to make sure you understand the differences between balls. Let’s face it not a lot of people can tell one golf ball from the next however if you take time to consider your purchase you might just find that extra bit of accuracy or distance.

Generally speaking golf balls with a higher ticket price are created with a urethane cover. This is a much softer product than ionomer which is found on cheaper balls. 

Golf balls are made in various ways, or rather they have varying numbers of layers. Balls made with 2 layers offer the player minimal spin and maximum distance. Golf balls with 3 or 4 layers tend to have a softer outer layer and can give some amazing control of the ball, allowing spin and fade to be added.

Types of golf balls.

Standard; These golf balls tend to have 4 layers. Ideally, you should feel a noticeable ‘softer’ ball when striking. A standard golf ball will certainly comply with the golf rules on size. If you’re a beginner or golfer that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, then these will be the best value golf balls for you.

best value golf balls

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We highly recommend the Srixon Ultisoft These are no-nonsense golf balls that won’t break the bank. These balls are particularly good for beginners or those with a habit of finding the trees. (We’ve all been there).

Why pay more for a golf ball? Fantastic ball for distance and accuracy.

ultisoft balls

The Srixon Ultisoft is ideal for players with low to medium swing speed. As value standard golf balls go Srixon Ultisoft won’t cost a fortune. They will help you consistently find the fairways by offering a straight ball flight whilst not compromising on distance, due to the Ultisoft’s 324-speed dimple pattern which means less drag.  You will probably find them to have a soft feel when striking through the club head.

Distance; The best value golf balls for distance differ from person to person. By this, we mean each player has a very different swing. Some strike the ball with a lot of power whilst other players are completely the opposite. The science behind distance golf balls is explained by compression. or rather how a ball compresses when hitting against the club face. Lower ratings of compression often equate to softer balls and the more layers that a ball has means that they are likely to be softer and have increased compression.

best Titleist golf ball

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If your looking for the best value golf balls that will give you more distance then try the Titleist Pro V1 With soft urethane elastomer cover system these should give some extra distance down the fairway. Pro golfers Henrik Stenson and Adam Scott choose the Titleist Pro V1 and anyone serious about their game should seriously choose these balls. The V1 has become well known for allowing remarkable distance, so if you have no problems with accuracy these will enhance your game even further. 

Long distance, increased consistency, a trusted name. Choose the Titleist Pro V1.

Titleist golf ball

The technology behind this incredible ball is groundbreaking. The ball has been designed and tiled with 352 tetrahedral dimples along with a 2.0 ZG process core. Your outlay may be a little more however here at Reach The Green we think that is absolutely worth it to be able to play with more distance, a more consistent flight as well as being able to use Titleist’s ‘drop and stop’ greenside control.

Spin; Are you forever slicing or hooking your ball? If so make sure you consider buying some spin golf balls. You can find some very good and very cheap spin golf balls and they could seriously aid your game. Spin golf balls are usually broken down into 3 distinct types. Low spin, Mid spin, and high spin.

Low spin golf balls should allow the ball to fly straighter. This is achieved by decreasing side spin. They are particularly useful if you find you slice the ball. One downside to a low spin can be that distance decreases. However work out what is more important, accuracy or distance. High Spin golf balls have been built to increase backspin. They often have a further carry and are said to be ideal for players who hook/draw the ball as the backspin assists with making the shot straighter. Mid-spin golf balls are somewhat of a mix between low and high spin balls. They tend to be targeted at your average player, offering distance and more accuracy.

We recommend the Bridgestone E6. As far as best cheap golf balls go these balls are designed to give low driver along with low Iron spin and provide excellent value for money.

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Long Iron spin gives greater approach play and green-side capability

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The Bridgestone has a smoother surface created from its Delta dimple design. This gives overall increased launch and stopping power. The Delta dimple design smooths and works and battles against air resistance, therefore allowing a further flight.

WomenRemember we talked about compression earlier? Well, women tend to have a less aggressive swing and strike of the ball. These balls are suited to not just women but also juniors and older players due to them having a lower compression rate. If this sounds like the ball for you then check out the Srixon Soft Feel Lady.

Ideal for golfers with a low swing speed.

Best ladies golf ball

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Srixon have created this white golf ball with a soft core. Using only 2 layers golfers with a low swing speed will notice how they can potentially drive further than ever before. The ball has been made very specific for these types of golfers, realizing that no two players will strike the ball the same. The ball is progressively softer as it reaches its core, creating a really soft feel.

There are countless brands and makes of golf balls. These are just a selection of some of favorites and recommendations. The best cheap golf balls often don’t have to be brand new either. Used golf balls or ‘Lake balls’ as they are often known can be very cheap and do just a good a job. Some of the best value golf balls are also refurbished which may suit your budget, or maybe you’re just starting out. Click here to see what other golf balls are available.

Take your time to choose different brands and makes. Get a feel for what suits you not only off the tee but whilst on the fairway. See how good your approach play is and green side short shots differ with various balls.

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