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Best Divot Repair tool

Best tool for repairing divots on the golf course

To play our best golf we all need to be responsible for keeping the course at its best. One of the things that frustrate me most is unrepaired divots (and unrepaired pitch marks too). Grabbing a decent divot repairer can make all the difference. In today’s golf, it’s simply unacceptable to just use a pencil – as I saw someone do on the course recently.

So I grabbed a few and on a quiet round fixed a few pitch marks with them to see which I thought was the best. (Scroll down for my guide on how to repair them properly). This guide covers divot repair as well as pitch marks and golf ball marks on the green. A quick repair from where you have played your shots and we can all keep our courses looking better.

Top divot and ball marker repair tool

We’ve tested the top tools for the job and combined them for our top 3, we’ve looked at the following as a rough scoring guide –

  1. How well does it do the job
  2. The durability of the product
  3. Quality of the product
  4. Value for money
  5. Other uses? (is it a multi-tool)

Top rated – Insta tool

Take a moment and step aside from the cheap rubbish you can buy on eBay and on the till of most golf shops and take a look at the Insta tool ball marker, divot, and pitch mark repair tool. Rather than turning up with a device that not only looks rubbish but bends in hard ground select this from Insta and it will not let you down!

The prongs are perfectly positioned to help with ball marks on the green but it’s easily used on larger divots on the fairway too. In testing, I was very impressed with the look, design, and feel of this tool as well as it looks the part. A key thing was the durability of the product, this looks like its set to last and other customers have left it favourable reviews online as we have. Here’s how it looks

Best pitch mark repair tool on the market - insta tool

Insta golf has a range of innovative products for the modern golfer and the spider divot repair tool meets all your needs. Some people are calling this the “best tool ever for those who actually bother to use them” (this made me chuckle). The design allows you to better lift the turf back up without damaging the area around the mark. Here’s how it works in action – Taken from the Insta golf youtube channel

As you can see this is simple and quick to use – Just what we were looking for. It’s also supplied with a ball marker which is handy. Insta golf has quite a unique range of products including instant shoes as well as bags designed for golf buggies. It is small innovative companies like this that help to keep golf moving forward. If only everyone had, and actually used, an Insta golf spider.

How to repair a divot correctly

Please note the word “Correctly”. As mentioned this is one of my biggest annoyances playing golf – divots and pitch marks left a mess. As the tool above shows, with the right equipment its really easy to do – Again sticking the grass back up with a pencil isn’t doing the job properly!

Once you’ve found your pitch mark then follow my simple step by step guide to using this too and repairing it to a decent standard. If you’re not holding up play why not help out other golfers and repair any others that you see to – it really is that quick and simple.

  1. Locate your pitch mark
  2. Work from the back of the mark – this is usually the highest point of the mark
  3. Move the grass back into the area where the divot/ mark is
  4. Flatten with your putter

Done correctly this will allow the mark to repair its self and not leave a lasting mark. Too often golfers move the soil and not the grass to repair the hole which leaves what looks like a burn mark on the green (as shown below). Depending on the weather conditions this can take two to three weeks to repair and grow new grass.

Badly replaced pitch mark

If you are using a more standard repair tool, like the usual ones with two prongs on them then here are some quick tips on how to use them correctly. This is taken from the St Andrews golf course blog and if it’s good enough for the home of golf then it’s good enough for all of us.

How to repair a divot or pitch mark correctly - Via the St Andrews blog

Hopefully, this blog will help other golfers out. Good luck with your next round!

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