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Best Electric Golf Carts & Trolleys

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Electric golf carts, also known as trolleys and pull carts, are becoming increasingly popular among amateur players. Gone are the days of big, chunky and cumbersome carts, replaced by stylish and technology loaded carts that fold away into nice compact units. These golf carts roll alongside the player who likes to walk the course but doesn't want to carry the clubs. They are sleek, stylish and as you'll see below, full of modern technology.

The best electric golf trolleys provide players with the comfort of not having to haul their bags, clubs, and equipment around the course, saving energy in the short term and possible injury in the long term. Modern carts now come packed with GPS systems and Bluetooth connectivity helping to deliver golf course information.

Modern electric golf carts are a lot like having your very own caddy. It'll do all the hard work for you, carrying your clubs up and down the hills while taking advantage of GPS systems to identify the best club for the next shot. Check out our reviews below.

The Best Electric Golf Carts & Trolleys

So what makes a great electric cart? The choice is ultimately up to you, however, there may be factors that appeal to you. After all, each golfer's requirements are different.

The Reach the Green Choice

Shop for the Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Trolley Cart at Amazon

Our top rated electric trolley cart is The Spitzer EL100, a perfect golf cart for any budget

This electric golf cart comes with a Lithium-ION battery which, on a full charge, will easily last a full 18 holes. A Lithium-ION battery, compared to a lead acid battery, can be up to 75% lighter and offer much more charge, power and range. The Spitzer EL100 is lightweight and will easily set up and fold away in just 5 seconds. This electric golf cart will fit in just about any vehicle alongside your bag and clubs.

Very light weight and easy to use

So what makes it our choice? Well, the price is a great factor to begin with and this cart is very competitive on that front. We are also impressed with the dual tubular motors which allows for easy maneuverability around the golf course, especially on hills and around the rough.

Quality components make up this trolley

Lithium-ION battery - for range and power

Our favorite and best electric golf cart will allow you to focus more on your game. No more hauling your equipment around, no more energy loss while tackling the final few holes, instead you will have a much more enjoyable round where you can concentrate on keeping your scores down.

The Spitzer EL100 electric golf cart has 3 speed and distance settings, not all golfers walk at the same pace and sometimes it might be handy for your cart to stay ahead of you. Other features include a 'resume last speed' function by simply pressing Go, a cruise function and an integrated USB charger port. The frame has been created using aviation grade aluminum tubing with a tri-coat paint system. The maximum speed is an impressive 6 mph and can handle inclines of 30 degrees.

Best rated as a folding golf cart too, easy to fit in the trunk

Lightweight, compact and convenient

We mentioned how compact this golf cart is - folded away the dimensions are an impressive 33 x 21 x 10in and while in use 42 x 21 x 35in (LxWxH). The strong and durable frame will handle 66lbs - more than enough for your golf clubs. The wheels are made from rubber with an ultra grip tread so you don't have to concern yourself with adding air to them.

All things considered the Spitzer EL100, in our opinion, is the best electric golf cart to buy

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Runner Up - Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Electric Golf Cart

Spitzer R5 - a digitally remote controlled trolley

The Spitzer R5 is available at Amazon

Another good option when you look to buy a cart is the Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Electric Golf Cart. Again the main advantage of this electric golf cart is the freedom of not having to carry your clubs, leaving you more relaxed and focused on your game.

The R5 comes with the Spitzer AUTO-IQ control system, which allows the player to set an automatic distance timer, anywhere from 10 to 30 yards and the countdown is digitally displayed on the handle for your convenience. This electric cart can handle a 35-degree incline while supporting a weight of 88lbs. so it's unlikely to let you down on performance.

Spitzer R5

Unlike the EL100 the R5 comes with a premium sealed lead acid battery (SLA). The cart stands fully open at 43 x 24 x 38in and can fold away nicely to 31 x 23 x 14in (LxWxH). The frame is made from a mandrel-bent aluminum tubing construction and the wheels have also been constructed from rubber with an ultra grip tread.

Aluminium construction makes this a really lightweight trolley

There are literally hundreds of options available. These are our thoughts and opinions on the best electric golf carts available. You can check out more products and narrow your search down depending on your own requirements.