TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

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TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

AeroBurner Driver

The Aero burner from Taylor made is a super smart looking club with some serious technology behind it. If you are looking for a good value driver, with a range of angles to suit, then this could be the club for you. There’s a choice of a regular shaft or a stiff shaft and the degrees vary from quite a flat face with a 10.5-degree loft up to a 14 degree which is more a 2/3 wood angle. We really like these options as it’s nice to have an identical 3 wood to the driver – it gives a more comfortable confident shot when the 3 wood is needed.

AeroBurner Driver review

The moment you get the club in your hands its hard not to be impressed with the look and feel of it – lightweight yet powerful. It’s designed with a center of gravity to give at a larger sweet spot than its predecessors with means more drives that ping down the fairway.

Aeroburner driver review

How to select the right shaft

With the wide range of choice that comes with modern golf clubs at times, it can be hard to know which option to select. Do not fear! At  #Reachthegreen we are here to help with our simple guide.

Firstly you’ll need to know your swing speed. You can either use an app to record your swing and find out or go to a local golf shop for a test. Alternatively, you’ll probably have a good idea if you have a fast swing or a slow swing.

Swing speed 80-95 – This is your average golfer with an average handicap, you don’t find many golfers with a higher swing speed than this playing off low numbers. If you are unsure then this would probably be your speed.

For this speed, you’ll want the regular shaft.

Swing speed 90 -105 – The faster swingers will want the driver in the stiff shaft. If you are over the 105 then there is an x-stiff version that some retailers stock but it can be difficult to find one.

How to select the right loft

9.5 driver – This is at the lower spectrum of the driver and with the right swing will get some serious distance on your shots. It’s not one for players who like a nice high shot into the air but more for the big hitters on the course. For me, this would fall into the best drivers for low handicappers category.

10.5 Driver – If you want a true traditional driver then a 10.5-degree loft is the club to purchase. A standard driver is usually between 10 and 11 degrees. I personally have a 10.5 as my main driver in the bag.

10.5 degree face on the 1 wood version

12 degree – This falls into the 2 wood category although that’s a rare sight on the course these days. This is more a club for a player who likes a little more height on their tee shots, I see it as more of a beginners driver to get used to the game/ club. It’s a good one for building confidence off the tee without losing too much distance – I’ve seen people tee off with 5 woods just so it goes straight and in the air!

14 degree – This is really a 3 wood and not classes as a driver. In our opinion, it’s worth getting the 10.5 as your driver and the 14 as your 3 wood if you’re looking for both. Using the same club should help to give you more consistency in your swing and help make you feel more comfortable hitting either. In the right situations and with the right swing this can be used as a fairway wood on the longer par 5s. Ideally, a dedicated fairway wood with slightly more loft may prove to be a better option depending on your style of play.

About the club

The latest tech in this club is its advance 460cc aerodynamic shape which means you can a cleaner swing through the air as well as a cleaner hit of the golf ball. It’s these tweaks and improvements that will help you make small gains in your game. This club was launched at the end of 2015 and still is up there as the best selling golf driver onAmazon(USA – March 18). It’s the quality of the club and the value of it that means its popularity is still there despite other clubs being released since – which really says a lot about this club.
The upgraded design of this club, compared to its predecessor at Taylor made, gives you a bigger sweet spot as mentioned above. As well as the extra distance you get its also been designed to reduce the spin. The last thing we want our drivers to be doing is getting backspin on the fairway! This is just another example of how this club is focused on really helping your balls to go further when you play.

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