Best Junior Golf Clubs

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Best Junior Golf Clubs

Starting out as a junior golfer can be tough, with the cost of clubs paired with the fact they’ll probably grow out of them. This means its very important to get the right set of clubs – balancing the cost but at the same time giving them a decent level of club to play with.

It won’t help develop their game or provide any enjoyment if they’re struggling with rubbish clubs. We’ve checked over a number in the range of junior golf sets to bring you our guide to our top 3 sets. We’ve also graded them by age to help guide you to the right product for the right age – Scroll to the bottom for a playset for toddlers.

Best junior golf set by age

We start off with the Cleveland junior golf set that comes in options for each age from 4 up to 12.

Ages 4-12

The great thing about this junior golf set is it comes in 3 age ranges so you can get them the right size for their age. Then once they’ve grown out of the set you can upgrade the size but still keep the same feel and look of clubs to help them improve their game.

The very best junior golf clubs for ages 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12

The range sizes up even for tall children and is a really good starter set that’s not too expensive. It also looks good so if they want a set because Mum, Dad or their grandparents play this will help them to feel part of the game.

Whilst Cleveland golf aren’t the size of Titleist or Nike Golf they still have an excellent range of clubs and are always working to improve them. They offer clubs from age 4 right through to seniors golf and have a wide range of wedges and full iron sets available on Amazon around the world.

The set includes the right clubs to get the started at each age including a “Driver” or wood – this is at a 22-degree loft so they’ll be able to get some height in their tee shots from an early age. We think its really important for juniors starting out in golf to get the feel of the clubs and hitting shots to build their confidence early and help them grow into the game.

Junior 22 degree driver

What’s included at each age range

Age 4-6 – 3 club set and lightweight stand bag

  • 22-degree fairway wood (It’s more like a hybrid club than a real wood)
  • 7 Iron
  • Putter

Age 7-9 – 6 club set and lightweight stand bag

  • Driver at 18-degree loft
  • Fairway wood/ Hybrid club 28-degree loft
  • 7 iron
  • 9 iron
  • Putter

Age 10-12 – 7 club set and lightweight stand bag

This set is classed as suitable for children up to 63 inches tall.

Other things you’ll need

Golf balls

There’s no specific junior ball. If you’re looking for some balls check out our guide to cheap golf balls here – they may lose quite a few when they’re getting started (and for some of us carry on with a lifetime of losing golf balls lol).

Golf glove

Even from an early age its good to get them started with a glove to help the grip on the club. These can be picked up on Amazon for a few dollars as shown by our recommended junior golf glove below – this has some good feedback and is recommended up to 10 years old. It’s a nice thin breathable glove with a smart design that looks cool.

Best set for toddlers

If you want to get them started really young then there are loads of playsets to pick from. You do have to be brave to hand a toddler a golf club so make sure when you do you stand well back! The one we’ve rated a the top is a little over and above the standard 2 clubs, 2 balls paw patrol style golf set that you get everywhere.

This one comes from Monkey Jack and is a great little set as it comes in a little “bag” (plastic holder) that they can pull along like a golf gab behind them. Like most, it has 3 clubs and 3 balls but this has the advantage of 2 holes. It all stores away neatly in the bag so no need to worry about space to keep it.

This is the ultimate set to get them started with the idea of hitting a ball with the club and is perfect for the golf-mad to buy as a gift. It’s made from safe non-toxic plastic as you would expect.

The 3 balls are all different colors too so you can all try and play together. You can use the holes and grab some other bits to set up your own toddler’s mini golf course to make it even more fun.

3 balls come as standard in the ultimate toddlers golf set

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