How to Properly grip a golf club

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How to Properly grip a golf club

Ah the age old question of how to properly grip a golf club.

A players grip is as important as anything else in the game. For a consistent round time after time, making sure you have and use the correct hold of the club is essential.

An improper grip of the golf club will see your ball fly here there and everywhere, hooks, balloon shots and slices are all a sign of a poor grip and with a little practice to see what works best, you can really see your game improve.

How to Properly grip a golf club – Step by step guide

how to properly grip a golf club

Firstly its good to know that theres no one particular way of gripping a golf club. Whatever works for is ultimately what you will find easiest. However if your a beginner, or struggling for some form then assessing your grip of your golf club can only aid your performance.

You may have seen or read advice on which hand to pick the club up with first; dominant stronger hand or weaker hand. The choice is up to you and you should do what ever feels natural, however the content in this guide is how we approach making a grip.

Before you actually sort your hands out on the club, position the club in front of you as if you were teeing off. With your less strong hand you can then begin to grip the golf club. Move your hand to the grip of the golf club. Aim to sit the club along the hand where the fingers meet the palm. The very end of the club should still be visible so start the hold a few inches down the clubs grip.

Next make sure that your fingers wrap around the grip of the club, with your thumb pointing downwards towards the head. Some players like the thumb to be placed on the other side of the grip, whilst others are more comfortable with the thumb in line with the shaft running down towards the club head.

Move your stronger dominant hand towards the clubs grip and wrap the fingers around. Again there are different options and some players like to interlock their index finger of their dominant hand with the small finger of their weaker hand. This is a matter of choice and comfort and can allow for extra stability.

how to hold a club

This grip is traditionally used for the average golfer be it teeing off or playing with an iron. The grip for using a wedge can be slightly different. It is often said for shorter shots then use the same grip but less tightly. It is also often recommended that when playing out of a bunker that golfers should grip the shaft slightly lower. This is often forced upon the player as the club is shorter and the stance created whilst being in the sand trap means there is no other real alternative.

So now we explain how to properly grip a golf club whilst putting. A big mistake often made by golfers whilst on the green is snatching at the ball. The correct way to put is through the shoulders and the grip should allow a pendulum like movement. To properly grip a golf club whilst doing this you need grip the club as normal. To reduce any unwanted movement you can try to use a tighter grip angling your wrists towards the club head.

So you’ve learnt how to properly grip a golf club but your still experiencing some problems. For this you could try wearing a glove. If you invest in a well fitted leather golf glove you will get extra grip because they are tacker than skin. The glove creates more friction and prevents the club form turning in your hand. Even the slightest movement can cause problems when striking the ball.

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    In my opinion, the key to a good grip is establishing the proper fulcrum point. Fantastic and excellent review!

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