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What I learned from watching celebrities play golf

So many celebrities are keen golfers. You’d think that with their enormous wealth and the top-tier golf tuition it could afford, their games would be flawless. But this is rarely the case. Recently I watched a few videos of celebrity golf swings to see whether I could learn anything, and I was surprised by the…
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How to Properly grip a golf club

Ah the age old question of how to properly grip a golf club. A players grip is as important as anything else in the game. For a consistent round time after time, making sure you have and use the correct hold of the club is essential. An improper grip of the golf club will see…
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How to tee off

Every golf round starts with teeing off and the first tee can be a daunting prospect on some courses. Often the clubhouse will overlook the tee so you’ll usually have people watching you start and there’s nothing worse than topping it in that situation. Whether you are a beginner or you’re looking for some more…
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